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Security Unleashed: Top 4 Holiday Phishing Attacks

Holiday phishing scams

Holidays are a time when cyber attacks spike. Criminals are hoping you are rushed, distracted, and they play into the things you are most likely to click on. Top Dog PC’s Jordon Darling gives his Top 4 Email Phishing Attacks you should watch out for this holiday season. This video will show you common phishing […]

What’s the difference between ransomware and other malware?

what is ransomware

Ransomware vs. other malware attacks Organizations are familiar with the risks of malicious software. Viruses can corrupt data, and malware can be used to illegally access and exploit sensitive information for financial gain. Examples include the sale of credit card numbers, identity theft, and the sale of Social Security numbers. The sheer variety and quantity […]

Everyone wants to go phishing.

email security phishing cybersecurity

You are very much aware that your company or organization is at risk, every minute of the day, from cyberattacks, malware, ransomware, and even benign errors that can put your data at risk. Even a failed backup procedure could mean a loss of critical company and customer data. In today’s blog we’re just going to […]