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Security Unleashed: Top 4 Holiday Phishing Attacks

Holiday phishing scams

Holidays are a time when cyber attacks spike. Criminals are hoping you are rushed, distracted, and they play into the things you are most likely to click on. Top Dog PC’s Jordon Darling gives his Top 4 Email Phishing Attacks you should watch out for this holiday season. This video will show you common phishing […]

Security Unleashed: Make Passwords Not Suck

Security Unleashed video blog passwords suck

We all know that passwords suck. This video is a quick guide on how to make better passwords without losing your mind. Top Dog PC’s Jordon Darling covers the following: 1. Why passwords suck 2. How to make them not suck 3. How to make them not suck even more This video will show you […]

FNB Podcast: Passwords and Passkeys

Passwords Passkeys Information Security Podcast

The debut of Scott Rysdahl and Jordon Darling’s new podcast Friday Night Bytes where they talk about Information Security AND… local eateries?… WHAT? What does Information Security and local dining have in common?… they both get discussed on this show. Episode 1 we start with Passwords. It’s the end of passwords as we know it […]

Cloud Security – What’s more secure: Your servers or the cloud?

At our Security at the Summit event, we had a panel discussion that covered what is the real difference between running your business on your own servers or in the cloud? Is the cloud more secure? The panel included John Harmon (FRSecure), John Girtz (Girtz Financial Services), and Joe Malmberg (Top Dog PC Services). The […]

Shared Responsibility – Online Safety at Work

At some point, all computer users on the job will discuss the unseemly topic of passwords but do we really think about why passwords, as well as other online behaviors, can affect not only our own personal security but also that of our company? Network security while on the job is often an afterthought of […]

Online Gaming Security Tips

3 Tips for Gaming Securely Security in video games is just as important as security anywhere else.  If you don’t take the steps to protect your gaming accounts you could potentially lose hundreds of hours of gameplay time and also have your personal information compromised such as credit card, home address among other important information. […]